Convert from Epoch timestamp to current date

I have a date that comes to me in seconds. Example: 1699331904

I need to convert it to a date. Just the date, no time. Example 11/06/2023

Both of the expressions here resolve the expected values.

{{ $(‘Entry’).item.json[“devices”][“date_last_beat”] }} resolves to 1699331904.

{{ DateTime.fromSeconds(1699331904) }} resolves to Mon Nov 06 2023 20:38:24 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

How do I put expression one in where I’ve included it’s value in expression two?

This does not work:

{{ DateTime.fromSeconds($(‘Entry’).item.json[“devices”][“date_last_beat”]) }}

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Hey @russellkg,

you are nearlly there. You just need to format the date to your format.

{{ DateTime.fromSeconds($(‘Entry’).item.json[“devices”][“date_last_beat”]).toFormat('MM/dd/yyyy') }}

This should do the trick.

For me DateTime just works if I include the timezone in the .from…()-methods.
Thatswhy I need to include it like this:

{{DateTime.fromSeconds($(‘Entry’).item.json[“devices”][“date_last_beat”], {zone: 'utc'}).toFormat('MM/dd/yyyy') }}

Here is a working example:


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Awesome. Thank you so much.

Here’s the flow that worked:

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