Convert lists into arrays

Hi, I’m struggling with the best way to process this data. I have a list of data, but I need to convert it into an array. Here is a screenshot of what I am looking to convert:

As you can see it’s not an array, so the item list node won’t process it. I would like to split into batches to pass into the item list node.

You can use function node where you can use map function.
The following topics can be useful:

If you provide data I can try to write what you need, basically I would make an empty array and then go throw to push items to this array, after all I would return this

That would be awesome, here is the Http request that will generate the data, no auth needed:

Have a look for this:

or this

or this (same result)

Let me know if it’s what you need!

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The second one is perfect! Thanks you!