Convert .xlsx to Google Sheets on Upload (specify mime file type)

On and Zapier there is a convenient option to convert any files uploaded via the Google Drive nodes to native Google formats (e.g. word → Google Docs, excel → Google Sheets) on upload.

I cannot see this option within the n8n Google Drive node unless I am missing something. With some quick googling around, I can see that all needed for this is a specification of the mime-type.

What is the best way of achieving this with n8n?

Hi @pb84, I’ll convert this into a feature request for now so you’ll be able to vote on having such a feature implemented in n8n’s Drive node.

As for a workaround I suspect you could use the HTTP Request node to copy the file after the upload using this API endpoint. It seems that setting the convert query parameter to true would do the job, though I have not tried this myself yet.

Great I will give that a go - thought I’d make the note that it would be awesome to be able to include custom parameters (e.g. this) within the stock nodes

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I agree - we already have it the other way round, when you download files :smiley:

In addition to the feature request I’ve also added this to our internal ideas list!