Converting a google docs file to pdf, saving a copy and sending it via email

Hello good people :smile:
I’m trying to get a google docs file, convert it to pdf, save a copy in the drive and send the same pdf via email, but to be honest I don’t really understand how this works.

At the moment I’ve created a 3 node workflow.
First Should download the file from google drive and convert it to .pdf (It executes with no problem and I can download this file manually)
Second is supposed to upload this pdf generated previously (It executes but I can’t see any new files being uploaded to the google drive)
Third i supposed to email the data generated by the first node (It executes, but email is not being received. I also tried to execute this node separately without any attachments and it executed but no email was received. I don’t know what the problem is.

It seems like I’m missing some logic here or additional nodes to parse data somehow?
Any ideas?

1st node:

2nd node:

3rd node:

Running version [email protected] on


Hi @Kris_Szostak,

That looks like you have done everything right, The mail server you are using is replying back with a message ID and saying the email is queued so at that point it has left n8n without issue.

What SMTP server are you using and does it have any logs? You should be able to trace the message ID or the number next to Queued as in the response. If I had to take a guess I would say it is a self hosted mail server that has not been configured correctly.

Hi @Jon, thanks. I have a basic hosting on OVH and they give email option as well (MX Plan). but I have no idea how to access logs there to be honest. I think I can try to dig into the email problem more myself, but would you be able to advise why the converted pdf wouldn’t upload back to google drive? Any ideas?

Hey @Kris_Szostak,

I forgot about that part, What is odd is the Google Drive screenshot shows it did upload and even gives a link for uploaded.pdf I am just not sure why you can’t see it. Maybe Drive just a full page refresh?

Hey @Jon Yes, it did give me the link, but when I paste “webContentLink” link to the browser, it throws 403 error. when I paste “webViewLink” - it says that I don’t have access to this file (despite the fact that I’m logged in in Chrome on this account) and when I hit Request access - No email requesting access is sent to my inbox. So I just don’t know what’s happening here :sweat_smile:
Also I don’t see in this node any field where I can actually pick the upload folder - so I’m not sure where exactly it uploads it to

This was the key! I added the main folder id and it uploaded the file successfully :man_facepalming:

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