Copy google doc and keep the same share permissions

Hello ^^,
I’m working on an automation in which I use data from a form and fill a google doc with them.
To do this I retreive the data from the form and I insert them in a google doc.
This google doc is a copy of a model google document.
To do this copy I share the model gdoc to everyone in editor mode.
But the new document that has been copied is only available for me, the share option return to the origin mode (only for the owner of the drive).
So when I finish my workflow and I send the document on Slack you need a permission to access to the gdoc.

I would like to know if there is a solution to change the share permission (share it with the same people as the original document) with a node or an option in google drive node ?

there is my workflow to help you to understand what I would like :

Thank you in advance ^^

Hey @Corentin

Without seeing the configuration you have made on the Google Drive node that you show in the flow, a simple solution is to grant editing permissions to the people who of have access to the document in the folder where that document is saved.

This way, when any copy of the original file is generated, the copies will also be editable by the people to whom you have shared that folder.


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Hi @martinhache

I found something in API google drive documentation to do a request and change the permissions but your solution is so fluid and easier.
I’m a little bit frustrated about not thinking about it before but thank you very much it’s really helpful.:blush:

Have a great day😁


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