Copy json in output screen with the copy button always gives the same JSON

When a user wants to compare data from different runs of this node in a single run of the workflow, downloading the output always downloads the same JSON.

To duplicate this behavior:

  1. Open a workflow from the Executions list
  2. Open a node to copy from
  3. Choose a run to copy data from
  4. Select the JSON output from [Table|JSON|Schema] box at the top
  5. Click the [Copy] button
  6. Save the clipboard to a file
  7. Select a different run of this node
  8. Select the JSON output from [Table|JSON|Schema] box at the top
  9. Click the [Copy] button
  10. Save the clipboard to a file

If you ‘diff’ the two files, they are identical.

I’ve repeated this a few times as I did not believe what I was seeing.

  • n8n version 1.7.1
  • Default database
  • n8n running in Docker on Digital Ocean.
  • Running on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Hi @russellkg, I am sorry you’re having trouble. I tried reproducing this problem using the workflow below, but the JSON I’ve copied was different as expected when selecting a different run.

I was copying the JSON from the NoOp node. Did you perhaps use any other node here?