Copy Pasting n8n Nodes Bug?


Is there a bug with copy pasting modules. At certain times its working then the next minute you cannot copy. It doesn’t give the copied feedback when you press CTRL+C

Hi @Keep_Innovations - sorry to hear you’re running into this! Can you let us know what browser you’re on, and what version of n8n you’re using?

Hi, I am using Google Chrome

N8N Version: 0.233.1 (Latest Stable)

Hey @Keep_Innovations,

Out of interest does your device have a touch screen attached to it?

No at all, just regular PC with a monitor. I have however restarted the browser and it went back to normal. I think its a browser bug?

Hi @Keep_Innovations
Do you have several languages of keyboard layout set up?
Copy-pasting nodes only works when EN or EN (US) keyboard layout is active.

Not at all, just the standard Us layout. However I have since understood that Google Chrome has some bugs causing it to misbehave. So I have to keep refreshing the page or close the browser and start over again.

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