Copy pasting n8n nodes

Hello all! I am using n8n on Windows locally. Is there no feature to copy paste a node?

I would like to copy paste a node between workflow, as I regularly use similar nodes.

I would expect to see a “copy” option (copy, not duplicate) that would copy the node code in the clipboard. This would allow me to use it in an other workflow (or code editor).

Is there an ETA on this feature?

Many thanks

You can use the copy and paste functionality as in any other application in Windows via the keyboard.

Copy: ctrl + c
Paste: ctrl + v
Cut: ctrl + x


This took me quite some time to discover too as there is no hint in the UI about this. Perhaps you could add some copy to the ‘Duplicate Node’ rollover?



Oh that’s fantastic thanks :pray:


@bartv do you not see the alt tags when hovering on the actions?
Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 09.27.27
In screenshot, my cursor was hovering on duplicate action.

I do (see my screenshot :wink: ); my point was that it could include a hint about copying and pasting using the keyboard. Right now there is no way to discover that feature.


Yep, has a clearer menu IMO (but their service is ridiculously expensive booh).


Hey all, Max from design team here. Seems like this is a discoverability issue (since we already have the functionality). As suggested by @Lesterpaintstheworld , the best solution here is probably adding a proper right-click contextual menu for nodes in the canvas.

It would also give us a “surface” to communicate a lot of other shortcuts that are not very discoverable right now. Or add useful actions like bulk actions (Pin selected nodes etc) and various other things that would be helpful but don’t really have a place to be stored atm.

Just to manage expectations, we don’t have a formal canvas contextual menu on our short term roadmap (i.e. this quarter). But I see this as a “when to add” not an “if we add”. As with any feature, if that’s something you’d like to see sooner - please create a feature request and don’t forget to upvote it!

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