[Cortex] Timeout in Analyzer Execute not Working

Hello, I’m using the Cortex node with the EmlParser_2_1 analyzer to extract observables from a binary file. But the Job takes longer than expected so the node return empty data.

Adding Timeout with the Additional Fields doesn’t work. Even adding like 300 seconds of timeout.

I’m using Docker n8n v0.228.2

Hi @Bo_Wyatt, I’m sorry you are having trouble.

Can you confirm how exactly the problem looks like for you? From taking a quick look it seems n8n simply attaches the timeout to the API call. So I am wondering what exactly is happening for you: Does the node immediately return an empty response? Or does it wait until the timeout configured, and then returns an empty response?

It immediatelies returns data for me. For example, I’ve run the node, the node returns empty data but I check Cortex and the analyzer is still running

I wonder if this might be working as expected and is just how this particular analyzer works.

Can you try using the HTTP Request node to get your job report from Cortex? You should be able to import the curl request directly from their documentation.

This way we’ll cut out any custom logic from the Cortex node and should see the real behaviour from Cortex here.

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How do I get the job report if I dont have the Job ID returned by n8n?

Just for testing purposes, can you grab the ID directly from Cortex?

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