Could someone help me explain the Wise triggers?

I’m a little confused with these triggers:

I would really like to just have the transaction into my own system. TransferStateChange seems to be only applicable for manual transfers to and from someone else, but not payments by card. I’d like any transaction to be triggering.

Hi @Ronald_leap8, n8n would simply listen for webhooks coming from Wise when activating a workflow with a Wise trigger node.

So for detailed information on when each even is triggered you’d want to reach out to Wise. Their documentation for reach event would be available under these links:

That said, n8n’s trigger node does not currently support subscriptions to other events (such as cards-transaction-state-change) unfortunately, as Wise does not make these available for individual user profiles (only on an application level).

So perhaps you want to use the Schedule node here and simply fetch your Wise statement in regular intervals? This would include all transactions, including card transactions.

Thank you for helping out.

That explains it that Wise doesn’t make it available for individual user profiles. I didn’t know if it was me being unknowledable about it or that it was actually a limitation. Unfortunate that Wise brings in this limitation, but clear at least.

Yes, the schedule node will have to do it then.

Thank you @MutedJam

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Hey @MutedJam,

I’ll need to get a privayKey to get the Wise statement. But I have no idea how to do this part of generating an RSA key pair. Do you happen to know that?

Is that something I put in some sort of code editor or directly inside n8n?

Hi @Ronald_leap8, you can run this in your terminal. Assuming you’re using Mac OS X or any modern Linux distribution this should work out of the box, on Windows you might need to install OpenSSL first (or just use a Linux distribution inside of Windows). Just open the terminal application of your choice and run both lines:

Afterwards you will have two new files in the folder you have executed these commands under:

You would then need to upload the public key file wise-n8n-public.pem to Wise and open the private key file wise-n8n.pem in an editor to copy its contents.

Be careful, when setting up your n8n credentials you want to open the “Private Key” field as an expression in order to input your key value consisting of multiple lines (the default input mode is only suitable for single line inputs, which is a bug that I hope will be fixed soon). To do so, first hover over the input field and click on Expression, then on the little pop-out icon below:

This should open a proper input accepting your full key including line breaks:


Thank you sooo much for helping out like this, very much appreciated!! :grin:

However… Still getting a Bad Request. Any idea what might be the cause of that?

I uploaded the public key in Wise, I drag & dropped the private key in n8n wise private key expression, I copy pasted the text manually into the expression, but all giving the same bad request.

As in this github page, it’s showing a list of Target Accounts, that list doesn’t show up for me.

Is there any way I can pay you for your time or something to give back?

Hi @Ronald_leap8, I think the Bad Request response from Wise might not necessarily mean your credentials are invalid. For a missing/wrong key you should see an error like this instead:

As in this github page, it’s showing a list of Target Accounts, that list doesn’t show up for me.

Are you trying to create a quote? Or are you running any other operation? Are all operations failing or are simple operations like Account → Get Balances working for you?

My bad, I forgot to fill in Currency “EUR”.
I did not understand why that was needed, so I kept it empty. Borderless Account already showed EUR, so that’s why.
Now looking back at it, looking up “currency codes” through a search engine, I’ve found this article and got it working.

Thank you very much for all your help!! :pray: Very much appreciated

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