Course Badge verification failed

hello team,

pls assist on this issue.

Hey @m_abd_atif

Welcome to the community :trophy:

It looks like you have not completed all of the steps yet so shouldn’t have the badge. You can see under the progress checker that notifying the team has not been completed.

Outside of that we don’t issue the certificate anymore so that page still needs to be updated to reflect that.

now whats the issue?

Hey @m_abd_atif,

That is something I will fix today, When we stopped issuing certificates we forgot to update that page to support passed with a certificate and passed without.

Quick Edit: This is now resolved.

where i can access now?

Hey @m_abd_atif,

What are you trying to access?

wheres my badge?
i want to see?

Ah yeah just noticed you don’t have the badge here, Let me check that workflow to see what happened.

Quick Edit: I see what happened, Because the quiz was passed before the tasks were completed it has not awarded the badge. I will put something in to check for that in the future, I will apply your badge to your forum account now.

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