Course Level 2, Workflow 1, Airtable Update issue

I have an issue with the Airtable node update, As you can see it iterates through the items but it updates the airtable using the same id (same record only)

Why? What do I have to do differently?

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Just for clarification:
I’ve got the the records from Airtable node, Operation Seach. If I keep id and createdTime and run the Airtable Update I do get an error response like above.

The mode Map Each Column Manually gives me a warning

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I’m just reviewing the Level 2 course this week, so this was a good moment for me to dive in. I re-created this exercise and it worked as expected (using the Map Each Column Manually mode):

I don’t know why it would show that error, perhaps it was a temporary issue with the API. Could you try again to see if it works now?

I have added my code below, perhaps that’ll help.