Courses on n8n?

I’ve used and built around 35 automation in just one month.

Now I’m going to learn n8n.

Are there any courses I can enroll in? Most of the courses I found are outdated I think!

They are not soooo outdated… they still work. I’ve done mine today and it worked pretty well.

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You can use the nodes sections to refer to the functionalities and node functions. The courses are not as detailed, but with the integration documentation, you can get quite some insights.
Also refer to the templates section for sample workflows examples

@itsmeayyub Regarding the course. Updates are currently wip and totally new video-based ones will be created soon.


Call me biased @celvinpieterson (I do work at design @ n8n) but would disagree that Zapier is the right choice for anyone that was previously on Make (esp for cost and flexibility).

Make is more powerful than Zapier; n8n is (arguably) more powerful than Make. So going to Zapier from Make will likely feel like a big glass ceiling is placed on your capabilities to automate complex stuff.


Good to hear your working @n8n design but the point is that if someone provide us Automation with easy way so what’s the problem to choose zapier over make and n8n?

I still use, but there are some automation that will be very expensive to run on

That’s why learning n8n

Thank you, does anyone here provide consultation or personal training?

I would like to get it!

Custom code




I won’t touch zapier!

Video lesson are outdated on youtube

Feel free to reach out [email protected].
I can help you get started with n8n

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There’s no problem with it celvin, I am rather sharing the experience arc of many users that I’ve heard over the years: they start in a tool like Zapier then have to relearn once they want to start doing more sophisticated automations (which seems to happen often, once folks understand the power of automation in their lives).

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Thanks for the feedback on our videos - will let the team know!

@celvinpieterson, @jan personnally, while I don’t know Make & Zappier (and have 0 knowledge on code), I decided to go directly to n8n because:

  • much advanced features, so more scalable,
  • better community (so important),
  • ability to test & learn on localhost,
  • less expensive when ready to go to production,
  • but the step is clearly higher (I’am struggling) :slight_smile:

I do have some experience with Zapier and Make.

Zapier very little as I really hate the top down list view to create a workflow

Make/Integromat I actually used a bit to create some production ready flows. I loved it, but I got stuck fairly fast as the capabilities are too restrictive or you have to use all kind of work arounds to get stuff done. And then shit gets expensive even faster.

To be honest I hated n8n at first, but that is because I didn’t understand how to use it. After the main things like how items work clicked, I loved it instantly and now I have been using it for a couple of years.

My usecases are mostly for more amounts of data than you would be able to do in Zapier/Make as the costs would rise too fast. I do things like:
Data extraction / prep for Business Intelligence
Integrations/Synchronisations between systems.

But yeah we need refreshed Courses for n8n to teach new users. At the moment they were released they seemed OK, but a lot has changed since then so can get difficult to follow them for new users.
With the speed of n8n’s development it is hard to keep those courses up to date. :slight_smile: