Create a category in WooCommerce with a http request

Hi, i have created a http request for make a call and create a category for a WooCommerce installation. So, i have used the “predefined” auth access profile, and then tried to “PUT” with a call to and exact endpoint indicated in official doc of WooCommerce V3 API. But i haven’t understand one important thing… How to give in the “call” the “data” parameters indicated in the documentation (see image attached), how i can “attach” the necessary “data” in the http module to have the right response from WooCommerce? Thank you.

Hi @Giorgio, on the screenshot it seems you are currently looking at the Node.js code which relies on their own npm module. You might instead want to use their cURL documentation:

curl is a widely used application and its format is understood by many other applications, including n8n. If you run a recent version of n8n and add a new HTTP Request node to your workflow you should see the Import cURL button:

Click it and paste the request from your documentation page:

Once you click Import, n8n should automatically set up the HTTP Request node as needed for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for you reply, so i have solved with a raw/json request and inserted in “body parameters” the json for the category creation, i do not have use cURL, but i think that i will test it :slight_smile:
i have also setted the auth with “generic credential type” and then “basic auth” with consumer key and secret, otherwise the node do not work and return an error.

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Awesome, glad to hear you figured it out! Thanks so much for sharing your solution :bowing_man:

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