Create a lookup table

I’m moving across from make/integromat to n8n. In make I was using a data store to store a user ID and unique link for each user. Depending on what data came in, if user 1 sent a request the data store would be checked and the link used later down the scenario.

Here is an example from make:

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You can use a tool like baserow or airtable to create a table to use.
There is no such thing in n8n available itself at this time. But most tools like this should have a node you can use, so it should be fairly straightforward to set it up.

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One workaround would be using a Set-Node to store all the different users (could also be Baserow, Airtable, Google Sheets, … as @BramKn mentioned). And then have a separate workflow for each user. The DB (whatever you choose) would then save the information about which user links to which workflow.

Here an example workflow:

You can obviously also extend it by for example pretending an IF-Node that checks if there is an entry for a user and if not, do something totally else.

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