Create flow for blogposting (asap needed)

Hi there,

I would like to hire someone to help me to finish up my workflow.
Im trying to add keyword to a sheet, write a blogpost and submit it to my wordpress.
So far its working find. However I want it to insert internal links from another google sheet, but instead of inserting the links, it somehow reads all the rows from the sheet and writes an article for each row.

I’m stuck :confused: Anyone who would like to finish htis flow for me and maybe create another one to post to social media, once article is published. PS, someone very experienced in creating flows is needed.

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Hi @Mec, welcome to the community! If you need professional assistance you can consider reaching out to an n8n expert via n8n experts

Based on your description it sounds like you might want to include multiple links from a single Google Sheet into a single Wordpress blog post. By default, n8n nodes will run once for each item they receive. So if you pass on three items coming from a Google Sheet to the Wordpress node, you’d end up with three blog posts.

So you’d essentially have to transform your multiple items coming from Google Sheets into a single item before running your Wordpress node. n8n provides the Item List node for such transformations, but your description sounds like you might need a bit of custom logic here.

If you don’t want to go down the expert route you can also consider posting the data structure you currently have and the result you’d like to see in a new thread here on the forum in the “Question” category so the community (myself included) can have a crack at it.

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Hello Mec! :blush: I’m Manassés Soares, a Python automation, AI, and NoCode/LowCode specialist. It seems like you have an interesting challenge at hand, and I would love to help you solve it! :rocket:

I understand that you’re trying to automate the process of adding keywords to a spreadsheet, writing a blog post, and sending it to your WordPress. Additionally, you want to insert internal links from another Google spreadsheet, but instead of inserting the links, the workflow is reading all the rows from the spreadsheet and writing an article for each row.

This sounds like a classic automation problem that I can solve! Furthermore, you mentioned creating another workflow to post on social media once the article is published. That is completely doable, and I can help you with that as well.

I am confident that I can deliver exactly what you need!

Let’s make it happen! :muscle::rocket::sunglasses:

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