Create Google Docs from the template


I’m trying to replicate my workflow in Integromat, which is

  1. n8n will create a new Doc from a template in which data is dynamically from google sheets
  2. will save as gdocs and pdf format in gdrive folder
  3. email to the recipient (from previous sheets)

I’m stuck at gdoc node. There are only 3 options (create, get, update). There’s no option to create from templates. Any idea how to do it?

Or I need to request node updates (in feature request). Here is what they have in Integromat’s gdocs node.

Hi @Azril,

Best I can work out is use the Google Drive node to copy your document which would give you one to work on then use the Google Doc node with the update and set the text action to find and replace.

All you would need to do from there is make sure your Google Doc has some placeholder strings that you can reference so you could use the {{text-to-replace}} format or make your own.

Hopefully this helps and will do what you are after :+1:

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To download the document, you can also use the Google Drive node.

Hey @Azril!

Were you able to create the workflow? Let us know if you still need help :slight_smile: