Create Google Sheets Trigger with polling time: pollTimes not available

Describe the issue/error/question

I am trying to create a Trigger with polling enabled for Google Sheets. You have the community node at

When I start n8n in local, poll times selector appears.
I activate task, and everything works as expected (recovering the last added rows to Google Sheets).

If I have tested it in a running instance with Docker, using the community node installer, but pollTimes doesn’t appear in the node.:

When I try to activate it, a pollTimes error appears.

Do you have any idea about this behaviour?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.197.1
  • Database you’re using (default: SQLite): SQLite
  • Running n8n with the execution process [own(default), main]: own
  • Running n8n via [Docker, npm,, desktop app]: npm, Docker

Hi @Miquel_Colomer, I have not created polling nodes unfortunately, but perhaps @marcus has an idea as to what might be going on here?

Hey @Miquel_Colomer,

Oddly enough I had this same issue with my RSS Feed Trigger, Everything is great until I tried to install it in Docker. For me the solution was to import IPollFunctions from n8n-workflow but it looks like you are already doing that.

I did have a report this morning that the poll time option is missing again in mine which I wanted to look at again one evening this week. Marcus may know the answer though.


Hey @Miquel_Colomer,
I installed your node and can’t see the Poll Times either. For me it’s also not working when running locally installed npm (no docker), but that is working for you right?

Yes. I see pollTimes when running with
n8n start

I have tested in two ways (perhaps this is useful for you):

  • I see pollTimes if I use local linking in folder .n8n and do a n8n start
  • I see pollTimes if I install community node in my local Docker (folder .n8n), stop it, and run again start n8n.

After restarting my Docker, now I see pollTimes selector and I can activate the task:

Perhaps it’s related with any kind of cache of the n8n after installing community nodes?

By the way, it works. We have Google Sheets trigger ^^