Create new zulip user is failed

Hi, when I test create new user, it is failed with 400 error
User: Administrator or Owner

  • Create message (ok)

  • Create new user (failed)

    ERROR: Bad request - please check your parameters
    400 - {“result”:“error”,“msg”:“User not authorized for this query”}
    “error” ,
    “User not authorized for this query”

Code of node:

  "nodes": [
      "parameters": {
        "resource": "user",
        "email": "={{$node[\"Find contact\"].json[\"email\"]}}",
        "fullName": "={{$node[\"Find contact\"].json[\"name\"]}}",
        "password": "={{$node[\"Set info\"].json[\"random_password\"]}}",
        "shortName": "={{$node[\"Google Contacts\"].json[\"nicknames\"][0][\"value\"]}}"
      "name": "Create user",
      "type": "n8n-nodes-base.zulip",
      "typeVersion": 1,
      "position": [
      "credentials": {
        "zulipApi": "Zulip API - [email protected]"
  "connections": {}

Hey @cmdntd987!

I took a quick look at the Zulip API documentation and according to that, you might have to enable can_create_users. Is this already enabled? Also, can you provide me the credentials to test? You can DM me the credentials.

How could I enable can_create_users?
I read this, but not sure about how to do this.
I do not know exactly it is in admin settings or source code?

Best to check out the Zulip documentation:

I test zulip documentation carefully at that link, but it does not work:

  • Change user to administrator or even owner
  • I use self hosting newest version to test n8n

Just see only this in zever/

# Users with this flag set are allowed to forge messages as sent by another
# user and to send to private streams; also used for Zephyr/Jabber mirroring.
    can_forge_sender: bool = models.BooleanField(default=False, db_index=True)
# Users with this flag set can create other users via API.
    can_create_users: bool = models.BooleanField(default=False, db_index=True)

If your test is successful, I think you have experience for this.
I have not tested in database for this flag yet.