Create this workflow to extract Indeed. Anyone knows how to do it?

Hello everyone,

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I found this template to create a workflow on N8N to extract indeed search page here. but for me it is not very clear. Someone can do a video to share how to do it, step by step?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @jjjjj, I can’t open the link you have shared I am afraid.

In general, seems to be a page loading lots of data dynamically which is quite tricky in n8n itself. For such cases you might want to consider using something like browserless or puppeteer (essentially using a headless browser to load the page rather than n8n). Community nodes exist for both solutions (here and here), though I have no real first-hand experience with these.

For general information on how to scrape websites with n8n you might find our blog post at How to scrape data from a website – n8n Blog helpful.

Thank you I will read the blog post.

I would like to connect Apify with N8N. I think I missed something. Can you help me? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @jjjjj
I never played with apify before. But I think at least the Header should be named like this. (with a z instead of s):


The value of the Header needs to be:

Bearer apify_api_IRo.....

The authorization by the way is better done by an header credential which you can create in the Authentication secion of the node.

And also the url is not correct. It should be like this:[actor_id]/runs

You will find everything you need in their api reference which you will find here:

Hope you’ll find what you need.


Thank you @nico-kow to take the time to reply.

I change the configuration like this:

But when I try to extract the results I don’t have a lot of things.

What do you think?

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Hi @jjjjj, it looks like @nico-kow already shared the best approach with you :slight_smile:

I also noticed one of your screenshots was showing a private API token of yours, so I’ve removed this. Since it was on the public internet you still want to rotate the respective credentials as soon as you can to avoid any abuse.

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