Create webhook link confirmation in email

How to create webhook link confirmation in email?

As far as I know, there is a link in the webhook, for users when they click on it, it will return a certain value, for example Yes or No.
I want to create a link placed in the user’s email, if they agree to a certain condition, they click on a button in the email, it will return a message (eg thank you for agreeing… …), and it returns Yes to n8n so I can push the data to another platform.
Thank you very much.

You have a seperate workflow with a WebHook In that workflow you can then check is the response was yes (you can add a query like ?answer=yes to your link you send in the email), and some HTML content thanking the user.

So in your email you have the new workflow webhook url + “answer=yes” for your “Yes” response. In that workflow you confirm that it was eyes (it’s passed in as output for the webhook), you can then push the data to another platform, and send a Webhook response back.

I think you can also do pushing of data to another problem after the webhook, but then in theory it could fail.


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