Creating a Template ( Google Drive to Youtube )

I’m new to n8n, and I’m trying to automate uploading new video files added to a specific folder in the google drive account to the Youtube channel
I was using Zapier before, and I wanted to try n8n, and I’ve installed it in a VPS I have with Docker

So, the steps I’ve gone is as below:

  1. getting Google drive and Youtube API oauth2

  2. adding google drive account and youtube in the credentials section as the screenshot :

  3. I’ve started a new template and added a google drive trigger

  4. now I want to upload all new video files that just triggered in the previous point to youtube but I’m stuck at Binary Property !! and I don’t know what to fill it with !!

I wish you can help me with this matter


Welcome to the community @MotazHakim

You are missing one step. Once the trigger lets you know that the file was uploaded to the folder in Google Drive, you need to grab the id of that file and download it using the download:file operation in the Google Drive node. The output of that operation will be the file (video) and the name of the key that holds the file. The name of the key is the parameter you are missing in the Youtube node.

Thanks, @RicardoE105 for your reply,
it helped a lot completing the project I’m doing,
but there’s an issue that appeared :

  • if the google drive folder has multiple new files added (eg: 4 videos), it will only trigger one file !!, even if I executed the workflow multiple times, it will upload the same exact file that was uploaded already!

So, is there a workaround for this issue? I’ve searched for a loop command and I didn’t find one!

Then you will need to download all the files in the folder that was updated. For that, you can use the file:getAll (filtering only the filters in the folder was that updated) and then next use the file:download.

First, i appreciate your help and your patience with me

Regarding your reply,

For that, you can use the file:getAll (filtering only the filters in the folder was that updated)

I don’t know where to find that exactly! can you show me this 2 steps with screenshot ?

Hey @MotazHakim,

If you add the Google Drive node after the Google Trigger Node that will give you the option to List all files.

This is also where the Download option is, I may have missed something but in theory if you are just uploading the MP4 files you can just use the ID from the trigger as the File ID for the download operation and you should be good to go.

Hello @jon Thanks for your reply
when I added a Google Drive Node after Google Drive Trigger to list files !
there’s no option to list files inside specific folder !, not choosing a folder will list all files in the whole drive ! ( and that’s not accepted ) , even if I filter using file type, it will filter file type in the whole drive ! ( and that’s not accepted too )

So, I’m still stuck at listing all files inside a specific folder that are already in Google Drive Trigger node

Update to my last reply,

after doing a search on google about list files in specific folder for Google Drive API,I’ve found that I need to use :

'FOLDER_ID' in parents

on Google Drive node Query string field, and the result was 5 files inside the specific folder I’ve chosen (True value)

and I’ve passed this list to Google Drive Node (to Download) with the file ID from this list node
and passed it to Youtube using File name and Binary property from google drive Node
but when I tried to execute the youtube node, i’ve got an error


so I don’t know what is this error, and regarding what I did to list the files on the folder and passed it to youtube node, is it right?

Hey @MotazHakim,

You would have to use the search option to check the parent assuming you know what the ID is, If you don’t that would be when you could use list with the trigger and have something like…

Example Trigger Workflow with List

A quicker version might be to just skip the list and just download the file from the trigger after using If so something like…

Example Workflow - No list

Good morning, could you tell me what expression you used with ‘FOLDER_ID’ , to search only files in a folder?

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Hey @admdiegolima,

It would have been the ID for the folder that is coming from the trigger.