Creating daily up-date workflow

Hi there!

I am trying to build a workflow that will update me daily on any changes in my CRM. CRM is very rare and there is no existing flow for it.

When the existing projects are being closed in CRM I have to manually check all of them we have to find which were closed.

I’d like a build a workflow that will check every day any changes in the projects and send me a message or email with a description of which projects were closed.

I’ve tried to build it on my own for 3 days but failed.

Could you guide me, on how can I build such an up-date workflow?


Hi There,

It all depends on the options you have with the API.
Sometimes it can be as easy as setting a webhook, and sometimes you need to poll the data and check for deletions. Which can also be done in multiple ways depending on the data the API gives you.

Hey @ivansergeev, welcome to the community. As @BramKn mentioned it would be nice which CRM you’re trying to work with to see what their API has to offer. Generally, most of the time it’s best to start a scheduled workflow that e.g. looks for new closed projects to notify you with. Maybe you can add some more contect on wich CRM you’re using?

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