[Credential for Google Sheets OAuth2 API] Auto Signing me into Google Account, not allowing me to Edit

When I go to enter my credentials on a google sheets node (OAuth2), I am auto signed into my account. However, this doesn’t allow me to edit my credentials, so I’m unable to generate a callback for my Google Client ID.

Am I misunderstanding something here? I was under the impression that I need a Callback in order to append data into the sheet.

Hey @ed.harding, I am not sure I fully understand the problem.

After signing in on the Google website, you would be redirected to the URL shown in the n8n credentials screen:

n8n would process the data received and close the popup window. This redirect is sometimes referred to as callback and once you got the “Account connected” message shown above you should be good to go.

Hmm - this isn’t what shows for me.

I’ll try changing browser.

Ah, would you be using n8n.cloud then? In that case you wouldn’t need to configure anything really as n8n.cloud comes with a default OAuth2 configuration for many nodes (like Google Sheets), meaning these input fields would be hidden from your credentials screen. As long as you end up with the Account connected message, you should be good to go.

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Ahh understood! Thanks for your help