Credential password deleted each time I share credential


I’m not sure whether this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong, but each time I share a credential with an user, the credential password is deleted and I have to re-enter it

Example: I create a Basic Auth credential with testuser / testpassword and save the redential

I reopen the credential to share with users:

The password is always deleted/replace by a random key and I have to re-enter password each time I share a credential with someone (note it’s the case even if I don’t try to look/edit the pasword)

An I the only one to get this bug ?

Hey @Yoann,

Looking at that I take it you are seeing a value of n8n_blank_xxxx or similar? This is the value we show to the UI when an expression that contains a password has been toggled, To resolve this don’t use the expression option for the password field and you will be ok.

Hey Jon,

Thank you for your answer,

Unfortunately I tested again, ensuring I fill my password “fixed” and not “expression” as recommended and still have the same issue.

  1. I’m logged as admin. I create the credential, save it, use it in one workflow → Basic auth works well

  2. I reopen the credential, go straight to “sharing” tab, add the user to share with, click on “save” and exit

  3. I re-execute my same workflow, (still being logged as admin) and got the error:


  1. I reopen the credential, fill again my password (as text), save and all works well. Each time I add someone to a credential I have to re-enter the credential password

Let me know if the steps are clear enough to reproduce the bug on your side.

Many Thanks

If the number of accounts is large and it often has to be shared perhaps my solution is also interesting. I have created a list of application accounts and passwords and created an api for it. Every time I use an account, I just need to use request and automatically fill in the credential and change the password anytime I like.

Hey @Yoann,

I have just followed those steps but I don’t get the same issue, I sent the credentials to so I could check what value was there and on each occasion the correct information was being sent and it didn’t change when I shared the credentials with other users.

As a test could you create a test credential an set something like myuser and mypass then fire it off to something like then share the credenital and make the same request and send over the headers so I can take a look? Just make sure you use dummy values as it will be public. It should look something like this…

Hey @Jon ,

Thanks you for your help.

Here you are: before sharing to an user

After sharing:

Hey @Yoann,

That is very odd that doesn’t even look like a value we would change something to. Does it always set to that value?

Can you try it in private browsing mode as well? My initial thought look at that is maybe a browser extension is autofilling the field without you knowing about it.

Hey @Jon ,

You got it right, there was an odd password saved on my Chrome browser that filled this field each time. I have removed it and all works well now,

Many thanks for your help


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