Credential related error

I am deploying and using n8n that works as docker container from AWS environment to Elastic Beanstalk environment.
The database uses Aurora PostgreSQL from the RDS and works fine.

Occasionally, the problem occurs when Elastic Beanstalk shuts down the entire system for reasons that cannot be checked and recreates it.
Simply put, a new EC2 is created, everything including environmental variables is newly activated, and the DB looks at the RDS, so i can get the workflow configuration and credentials i used in the past.

Workflow looks fine, but the credentials used in it will not be available.
There was an error when I clicked it, but I couldn’t capture it.

I think it might be caused by JSON configuration because the credential ID value and DB are not the same for some reason. Maybe not

This environment is replicated the same if you float a replica n8n with a separate DB configuration.

Is there a way to solve or respond to these problems?


Workflow looks fine, but the credentials used in it will not be available.

Hi @Supka, this could suggest that n8n isn’t able to decrypt the credentials from your db. You’d need to make sure that both your old instance and the new instance use the same encryption key here.

Either make sure both instances have access to the same ~/.n8n folder or set the N8N_ENCRYPTION_KEY= environment variable before the first start (it would be ignored if you set it afterwards). This is documented here:

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your good suggestion.
If you refer to the guide, it is expected to work well.
I’ll try again, and leave an update in the comments.

Thank you.


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