Cron/Schedule Trigger duplicated

I used to have Cron node in my workflows. In one of the new N8N versions (we are currently in version 0.208.1), I found out that the Cron node was activating twice, sometimes also three times in the same time (with different executions).

Somewhere I saw that our server could be duplicating triggers and then we reset the n8n in our server.
Since it didnt solve the problem, I continued researching and discovered that the Cron node doesnt exist anymore, and tried to change for the new Schedule Trigger.

Also tried changing from minute Trigger from Custom (Cron) Expression Trigger. It also didnt solve the problem.

The fact is that it is working well but starting triggering duplicated at midnight. I think N8N doesnt reset the schedule after the day has ended but I dont know how to solve it.

I have also other workflows with the Cron node activating for example at 9 AM everyday that are with the same bug.

Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to solve?

Here follows what happened today when I scheduled for everyday at 9AM. So I had to make all the Scheduled workflows inactive until this problem is solved!

Hi @Hugo_Aroeira, I am so sorry for the trouble. Could you share the actual node you currently have in use (simply select it on your canvas and press Ctrl+C to copy the JSON data you can paste the here on the forum) and confirm which version of n8n you are currently using?

Thanks for response! Actually talking to our development team, we realized that there were more than one instance of N8N working without configuration. We turned them off and the problem was actually solved.

That action generated another problem as described in this new post:

As the solution in the post, the roll back to version 0.209.0 solved the new bug.


Yes, that makes sense.

Regarding that issue. I would suggest to roll back to 0.208.1 until we found time to address that bug.

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