Custom n8n node: How to define documentation link?

Hello everyone, since a few releases (0.78.0) this usually helpful link shows up when working for a node for more than few moments:

Is there a way to set a custom URL for this link? Given that my custom node isn’t part of n8n the link currently leads to a 404 page on Thus I am wondering if I can overwrite the URL for this link in my .node.ts file (or anywhere else really). Searching github for documentation reveals plenty of credentials setting documentationUrl but I could not find a way to set a custom documentation URL for nodes. Alternatively, would there be a way to hide this link to prevent users from ending up on that error page?

Just implemented that “documentationUrl” on credentials & nodes can be set to full URL (so have to start with “http”).

Will update here once the new version of n8n got released which allows doing that.


This is amazing news, thank you so much!

Got released with [email protected]

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Is this still valid? I couldn’t find the CredentialsEdit.vue file anymore in the newer release.

Hey @liusiyong,

A lot has changed, You can now set the documentaton link using the xx.node.json file.

Thanks @Jon

I’ve changed the url for both credentialDocumentation and primaryDocumentation, but the changes don’t seem to have taken effect. Am I missing some steps?