Custom node: Hetzner Cloud API

Hi everyone!

I want to share a custom node I just built yesterday: Hetzner Cloud API.

The app is still in a very early phase but well, the foundation is laid, and I will extend it in the next weeks. Currently, this is already implemented:

  • Authentication against Hetzner Cloud API
  • List all my servers
  • List all my images (snapshots/backups)
  • Create a snapshot / backup of one of my servers.

What is the purpose?

Well, I am running quite some servers and infrastructure at Hetzner and they have a good API documentation at

Possible processes could be:

  • once a week, stop a server, create a snapshot and start the server again.
  • check the expiration date of the certificates
  • open the firewall of a server at a specific time to allow incoming traffic, then close it after a while.
  • check your spendings for your booked ressources
  • manage ssh keys on your servers



Tell me what you think. What endpoints would be interesting for you and should be implemented soon?

Best regards


Great, was looking for a Hetzner node. I want to dynamically manipulate firewall rules, add / remove IPs, open ports etc.

Will definitely try it.

Very nice, I made one for Digital Ocean a while back after I forgot to power down a test machine so now I have a workflow that checks for any droplets that I don’t want and it powers them down.

Great ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

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