Custom node: Neutrino API

Hi everyone!

I want to share a custom node I just build this weekend: Neutrino API.

Official description from
Neutrino API is a collection of general-purpose APIs that solve common and recurring problems encountered during software development. Neutrino API is utilized across many industries by software developers, data scientists, systems operators and cybersecurity professionals.

The purpose

I build this node, because I want to use Neutrino in some of my projects. What I love about Neutrino is what I get for my money. Neutrino provides a free tier to test all the functions without any risk. But even the paid plans are more than fair. A monthly fix price like 9€ grants access to all endpoints with a predefined amount of calls per 24h (like 10K Email Validate or 10K Bad Word Filter). No strings attached. Just look yourself: Neutrino API Plans.

Also, they have a Strict no-log policy.

Included Endpoints

Here is a list of API endpoints that are included in this n8n node:

Data Tools

  • Email Validate
  • Phone Validate
  • UA Lookup
  • Bad Word Filter
  • Convert


  • Browser Bot
  • HTML Clean
  • URL Info


  • Phone Verify
  • SMS Verify
  • Verify Security Code
  • Phone Playback
  • HLR Lookup


  • IP Info
  • Geocode Address
  • Geocode Reverse

Security and Networking

  • Domain Lookup
  • Email Verify
  • IP Probe
  • IP Blocklist
  • Host reputation


  • BIN Lookup
  • Currency Convert


  • HTML Render
  • Image Resize
  • Image Watermark
  • QR Code

Possible workflows

I use Neutrino to validate email addresses of possible customers. I use email verify to make sure that the emails are ok. If my daily limit is reached, I continue to use email validate

But there are so many other possible workflows:

  • Check the reputation of your domains.
  • Resize images, add watermarks
  • Increase security by requesting a phone number of your customers and send SMS security checks.

Community node and source code


Example of Domain Lookup

Example of Email Verify:

I hope you can use this node to build better n8n workflows.
Best regards