Data Comparision

I have Data in Google Sheet example ( Due date = 15th Feb 2023 )
My cron is running daily, Now i want to execute particular row only on 15 Feb 2023 rest to be ignored, If any row matches current data then that particular row should be executed,

Please help how to do this

Hi @chandan988, so if I understand you correctly, your sheets look like this:

And if your workflows runs on February 15, you only want to fetch the row for this particular date, right?

This is rather tricky for the date format you have chosen, as the date time library in n8n (Luxon) does not have built-in support for ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) as per support for n-th token? · Issue #118 · moment/luxon · GitHub.

So you need a bit of custom code for this. Here’s a quick example:

Here, the code node generates a string using the example format you have provided. In the Google Sheets node we can use this string to filter the right row:

Hope this helps!

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