Data is not being written to my Excel

I have a problem with that I have connected excel to n8n through microsoft API (with Azure) and already the Excel widget recognized my spreadsheet, but the data does not get to be inserted, and in “Executions” gives me API error but does not give me more details. But there is another node next to Sheets that does arrive for example.

The error message is of API but it is strange, because I saw another forum and according to there they say that they solved it, but they do not show how they did it demonstratively.

This image is of my flow like this

And this is the error I have

Please help me

Hi @manyadev, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble.

This looks like a bug within n8n rather than an error coming from the Excel 365 API. From looking at your workflow it appears you are not using the latest version of the Excel 365 node in n8n.

So in a first step, can you try upgrading your n8n version to the latest available version (1.17.1 at the time of writing this), then remove your existing Excel node from your workflow and add a new one from scratch? It should look slightly different from your current node and for example say Workbook instead of Workbook Name or ID):

Please do let me know if you’re still having trouble afterwards.

Oh understood thanks, I will try to update, but a query, when updating the n8n version will not spoil certain automation flows that I have activated?

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