Database for N8N

@jan, I just saw that you talked about dropping MySQL support as database for N8N.
I guess that PostgreSQL is the preferred db for N8N? (besides SQLite)

Hi @FelixL

Postgres Should indeed be the prefered option. Not sure actually what other options there are.
SQLite is included in the n8n install if no other external database is set. This should however not be used for production in my opinion, as it can cause issues down the road.

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I’ve changed the db from SQLite to MySQL as it’s mentioned in the docs: Supported databases and settings - n8n Documentation
The docs do not mention which db is preferred.

MySQL, probably because I learned that in school years ago ^^

I guess I’ll change the db once more for my instances :sweat_smile:

There probably isn’t a rush to do it.
And as you have done it before it should of course go smoothly :wink:

There have been a couple of mentions for dropping MySQL support in the future but at the moment nothing is set :slight_smile:

Maybe add some info to the docs that PostgreSQL is preferred.

I am curious, what makes you consider dropping support for MySQL?
What’s different/better in this use case with PostgreSQL?

(I’ve never used PostgreSQL before)

I think the reasoning is most of our users are already using Postgres and by only supporting one database type it is going to free up time and resources when it comes to testing new releases and creating new features that rely on database changes.

I read a blog post a while back about Gitlab dropping MySQL support which was an interesting read.

At the moment as far as I know we have not made a solid decision on if we should make the move so if we were to label one as preferred if anything it would probably speed up the process of MySQL being removed.

I am sure @jan has other thoughts on it.


Exactly. It is not a technical decision or because we think MySQL is not good or anything like that. It is just about focus and resources. Currently, just a tiny percentage of our users are using MySQL but it costs quite some work to support it and esp. keeping it supported, time that we could spend on something that provides more value.

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Thank you all for your input, the GitLab blog post was an interesting read, and in the end it’s the same topic, most users use PostgreSQL.

I really have to try PostgreSQL one day ^^

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