Date&Time deletes incoming props

Tried using fixed node Date and Time for formatting the date.
What I expect: preserve all the incoming props, adding/overwriting the formatted date prop.
What i get: It removes all incoming properties.

The same with other operations: Add to a date etc.

Hey @artildo

Just do a little loop to format the dates and recompile the json.

Use n8n-nodes-splitinbatches-advanced community package to make it easier.


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hi @artildo
you can also try adding a Set Node after the Date & Time node to retrieve the fields from the previous node.
In the Set Node, add some fields that retrieve their value from the node before Date & Time. Better explained here:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@giulioandreini Thank you. For now I can use this solution. But would like to ask someone from the team, like @Jon, to take a look.

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Hey @artildo,

I was just taking a look at this one and it looks like in the v2 node we changed how it works so it no longer outputs all of the data so right now the approach offered with the Set node is probably what I would do unless you wanted to use the v1 node.

I have had a chat with @giulioandreini and we are going to open an internal request to add an option to allow the data to be passed through like the older version had.


Hi @artildo,
another (probably easier) solution would be to use the Luxon library (which can be used in n8n).
With that, you can just use a Set Node:

More info about using Luxon here: Date and time with Luxon | n8n Docs



@giulioandreini, @Jon Thank you. Need this option. Can’t imagine a situation when blocking other data is needed, Usually this node modifies some data and doing nothing to the rest. Not deleting.

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 7661.

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