DateTime field marked as required is not working

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on a new Node but I realized that when I have a dateTime field which is marked as required, the n8n interfaz is not requiring it so, it’s like an optional one and the validation doesn’t work also.
In addition, I’ve found another node “Cisco Webex” with a dateTime field marked as required, however, I tested it and it doesn’t work.

My field has the following configuration:

	displayName: 'From',
	name: 'from',
	type: 'dateTime',
	displayOptions: {
		show: {
			resource: [ 'task' ],
			operation: [ 'getAll' ],
	description: 'Some description here.',
	required: true,
	default: '',

Here are some images

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 5.02.58 PM

Do you know what is happening? Something what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you

I just tested it, and indeed it does not work. Quite weird because I remember this being validated. I just created a ticket internally and will keep you posted. Thanks for reporting it. In the meantime, you can validate it in the execute method and return an error if the parameters are not set.

BTW. in my case, set this required to true will fail execution even when user provide correct value.

What node, operation, and resource are you using?

I am working on new node Wordnik. I removed required props from then Yesterday while it did not work. While try to reproduce now require looks like being ignored, like @YokySantiago said.

Sorry for that