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I’ve built a custom declarative node, I am trying to find a way to catch the response body when I have errors.

I’ve tried a few things and a lot of searches without much success. If it’s possible, could you maybe point me to an example that does it well ?

Here is an example of response:

I catch the response code but not the response body.


That is possible with a postReceive. Here is an example not how to do exactly what you want but where a node as it configured:

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Thanks a lot for the prompt answer, that gave me the clue to go look into postReceive.

I’ve done it a bit differently, where I define postReceive: [sendErrorPostReceive]

I’ve done it like that:

export async function sendErrorPostReceive(
	this: IExecuteSingleFunctions,
	data: INodeExecutionData[],
	response: IN8nHttpFullResponse,
): Promise<INodeExecutionData[]> {
	if(response.statusCode === 200)
	{return data;}
	{throw new NodeApiError(
				message: 'Sending failed',
				httpCode: '500',

If it’s all fine, I return data, and that works fine, if not, I throw a NodeApiError. That seemed to work just fine, and when I test the NodeApiError (by ignoring the if), it works.

However, when I run my node and do an error on purpose, I still get the same answer as before (as in my initial message), as if the “postReceive” wasn’t even called. Is that possible ? Should I change a parameter to force it’s execution ?

Here’s the setup:

		{	name: 'GET - Find Item',
			value: 'finditem',
			action: 'Perform a GET request',
			routing: {
				request: {
					method: 'GET',
					url: '=/item/{{$}}',
					returnFullResponse: true,
				output: {
					postReceive: [sendErrorPostReceive],

Thanks in advance !


So in the end I found the solution.

I just added the “ignoreHttpStatusErrors: true” to the request, so that n8n doesn’t throw node errors itself, and now I handle them in post receive:

				request: {
					method: 'GET',
					url: '=url: '=/item/{{$}}',
					returnFullResponse: true,
					ignoreHttpStatusErrors: true,

Thanks again for the clue on postReceive!


Great to hear that you found the solution and thanks for sharing!

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