Declarative-style Nodes: A way to send request with all items instead of single items per request?

Hey when I was developing a Custom Node using the declarative style I stumpled over a problem:
In my case the API I’m requesting has for some endpoints the option to send an array of changes to bulk create or update entries.

Really similar to the “Append” Operation of the Airtable Node. So basically I want to send all incoming Items, but split the incoming items into a batches of up to 1000 items (if applicable) and send these to the endpoint within my node.

Is there a way to achieve that the declarative way?

That would really help to reduce the amount of API Requests made to that API, since it’s limited depending on your subscription to that service. :wink:

Hey @geckse,

I have not tried it but looking at the interfaces there is a preSend option on the routing which would allow you to run some code like normal so it could be that you can do what you are after with that.

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