Decrypting AES128

Hi all,

Is there a node that allows for decrypting aes128? Thanks!

Hey @bees8,

Best I can think of would be to use the code node and import the Node crypto library, I don’t have an example to hand of decrypting AES128 though.

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thank you - is this possible with cloud?

We might need to add a decrypt operation to the crypto node.


Hey @bees8,

I think the crypto package is one that we allow on cloud, there are some examples in older posts that show how to use it but none for AES so that would take some working out.

Thanks Jon and @RicardoE105
That would be amazing if you could add it

I have already succesfully used the crypto module for the Twitter response check (in order to register a n8n webhook on Twitter), using HMAC

Looking forward to AES :slight_smile:

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Hey @bees8,

It may not be a quick add we would need to run it through the feature process. For now it would be a case of doing what you did for Twitter but instead using AES.

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Thanks Jon, I understand :slight_smile:
Though HMAC is already part of the crypto node, so guess I was lucky on that one :slight_smile:

Ah my mistake, I thought you were using HMAC from the function node with the Crypto package :smiley:

I have use cases where this would be very useful!

@joeldeteves Which encryption methods would you find useful?

Right now, base64 decoding is the biggest one. But it would be useful to be able to encrypt and decrypt information on the fly as well (AES-256).

ahhh base64, I remember I was looking for that one.
You could try this one if you hadn’t already implemented it: How to decode base64

Thanks I am able to do it using either a code node or an Execute Command node but it would def be simpler to do it using the Crypto node. It’s a nice-to-have feature for sure

Hey @joeldeteves, can you share an example of how you did it?
I’m facing a similar issue.

Thanks beforehand.

In my case I needed to be able to decode multiple keys in the previous node. Here you go:

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