DELETE operation for FTP node [GOT CREATED]

Hello n8n-Team, I like your product a lot but at the moment I still need to delete old files manually from the respective FTP servers. Any chance you can add a DELETE operation to the FTP node?

I second this, need a DELETE and RENAME operation.

@BenOrderinc @LunarWater2112 delete and rename got added. We will let you know when is released.


Excellent news, thanks a lot for creating this Ricardo and have a happy holiday season!

This is really cool and thanks a lot Ricardo, I really appreciate it.

Best wishes for happy holidays!

Of course. Happy holidays @LunarWater2112 @LunarWater2112

Got released with [email protected]


Thank you!!

I have just used it on one of my workflows and it works seamlessly :heart_eyes:

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Great to hear! Have fun!