Desktop App: Google API

Disclosure: I’m new to, so could be completely user error.

I’m trying to test my first workflow. A simple webhook send to google sheets. In setting up my google sheets API, it’s giving me the error of “OAuth credentials not connected”… no big deal… I add my Client ID and Client Secret and copy the OAuth Redirect URL, next I go to “Sign in with Google” but I get to a screen after accepting that’s asking me to log into “”. I can only assume this is login credentials for which I do not have because my credentials are working.

My question is this… is there anyway to run this google api connection for the desktop app, or do I have to become a user? Or am I just completely doing this wrong (again very possible!)? Thank you for the help!

Hey @Cy_Agley,

The credentials it is asking for are set for the desktop app install you are using.

If you go to your users Home directory and view the hidden files there will be an n8n folder, In there you will find a file called n8n-desktop.env this will contain the credentials you are looking for.

On Windows you can just pop %HOMEPATH%\.n8n into the file explorer to get there if needed as well.

For Mac (and Linux when released) you can just pop open a terminal window and run cat ~/.n8n/n8n-desktop.env

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Like I said… probably user error. Thank you so much @jon for the help! That did it!

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