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After a few trials, I’ve found that in Desktop app, the Cron node has a New-York timezone.

Is it possible to change the timezone in the desktop app ?

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Hi @Michel, it is indeed possible to change the timezone used by the Cron node. You can set any of the n8n environment variables for the desktop app as well, including the time zone ones:

To do so, you would need to edit the ~/.n8n/n8n-desktop.env file (MacOS) or the C:\Users\<username>\.n8n\n8n-desktop.env file (Windows, replace <username> with your actual username and add an entry like GENERIC_TIMEZONE=Europe/Berlin to the file.

Thanks @MutedJam

Didn’t know I could set the environment variables for the app too !

Thanks for your fast answer

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You are most welcome, glad to hear this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Michel, once again many thanks for your feedback here!

Just wanted to quickly follow up on this as @ivov released a new version of the desktop app based on 0.160.0 today. This version should auto-detects the time zone and sets GENERIC_TIMEZONE (if missing) so you would no longer need to do this manually.

The new version is now available through

You can, of course, still override the time zone for individual workflows in their settings even when setting the variable:

Hy @MutedJam ,
Thanks for the news !

I’ve changed the environment variables directly with your help.

And will test the new version of the app (after I’ve found how to do a backup of the workflows …)

Your workflows should not be affected by the upgrade, you can simply run the installer for the new version and it should upgrade the desktop app while keeping your workflows.

That said, a backup is never a bad idea. The simplest way would be to download each workflow through the UI:

You could also use the CLI to export all workflows at once. This is described here:

The required executable from the desktop app would live in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\resources\app\node_modules\n8n\bin (for Windows), so a one liner printing a JSON representation of all your workflows would be this one (you’d need to replace <username> with your Windows username):

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\resources\app\node_modules\n8n\bin\n8n.cmd export:workflow --all

Lastly, you could even automate it if you wanted to, using for example a workflow like this one: (this would require some adjustments, like using the desktop app’s URL http://localhost:5679/ for the REST API requests instead of the default one).

Thanks @MutedJam for the CLI link !

It’s much easier in bulk.

Tested & approved :slight_smile:

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Big thanks to you @MutedJam for the update !

Found this yesterday afternoon =

For a newby like me in javascript this is helping me a lot !

Bravo to all the team !