Desktop App Update

When may we expect an update of the Desktop App?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @dickhoning, the desktop app is updated every couple of weeks, but doesn’t have an exact release schedule I am afraid.

Hi @MutedJam thanks! And uh … where can I find the change log for the Desktop App?

Hi @MutedJam just update my (Mac) Desktop App to 1.3.0. I noticed that the creation date is March 2nd. Now I was wondering whether this means that the functionality is the same as version [email protected] which was released on February 28th?

Looks like it is 165.1.

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Thanks @Jon! Just wonder how you know/think that it is this version?

Morning @dickhoning,

The quick answer is I have access to the internal code repo for the desktop app so I took a look there.

Thanks again @Jon Hopefully my last question on this topic (at least for today :grin:); how difficult would it be to automate the building of the Desktop Apps, so that they are in line with the other updates. Perhaps even with a n8n workflow?

Hey @dickhoning,

I am at my computer now, If you click the ? on the left and go to About n8n it will give you the n8n version.

Looking at what we have I don’t think it will be a difficult process but it will be time consuming which could be why we have not set up an automated process for it yet. The desktop app is something I really want to get my hands on properly at some point to play with some possible ideas.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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@Jon Thanks again! And for some ideas … Desktop App ad Help: Check for Updates

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