Desktop App Windows don't open

Today I downloaded the Desktop app to use and used one time then today this can’t open.

Hi @Armando_Ammar, do you get any error message? Or do you just not see anything?

I just not see anything
But in Task Manager there is n8n using CPU.

Hi @Armando_Ammar, perhaps you can try launching the desktop app via the command line?

The full path to the exe would be C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\n8n.exe (replace User with your actual Windows username). This usually provides a little more output and hopefully a useful error message as well:

It’d be great if you could share your output (apart from the tunnel URL which should be kept secret).

This looks like an instance of the database being on a newer version of the schema than the application.

@Armando_Ammar Did you run n8n via npm as well? If yes, then it’s possible that your DB got upgraded, and you might either have to wait until the next desktop release, or you could try running n8n db:revert to downgarde the database using the n8n cli from npm.

@MutedJam We have a related internal ticket for another case like this: CP-289

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