Development environment

Hello folks,

I´ve some trouble setting up my environment for developing nodes for n8n.
Following this guide:

was successful one time, then, setting up the environment again, using a new folder setup (old folder deleted), brings me first time no images anymore, second time (after reboot) this message:

Maybe someone can give me hint how to troubleshoot this!?

Did you check?

I checked, seems to be ok to me.
if I try

npm run start

it works on port 5678

Ok, after

npm run start

worked great, i tried

npm run dev

again and it worked as expected.
Didn´t changed anything… bit strange. Cost me 2 hours :wink:
@RicardoE105 thank you for your quick answer, very appreciated!

It happens. Glad that it works now. Have fun.

Btw if you have any feedback in the tutorial, please let us know.

Hi @RicardoE105,

I worked some time on the tutorial and I’am very happy with it. I really like the function of compiling on the fly, and the tutorial is overall very good to understand.
One question, maybe I`ve overseen it. Is there anywhere described how the node can be debugged?

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