Difference between graphic and programmatic interface

Hi, all. I’m new to n8n. I’m using the Windows n8n editor, and I’m starting to get how to make workflows. I also see that the web interface has workflows. The two seem completely independent of each other. Are they supposed to be? Is there way to get the “code view” of a workflow in the Windows app, or a graph view of a workflow in the web interface?


Hey @Jason_Jason,

What do you mean? The web and windows versions are the same thing just packaged in a different way.

You can actually point your browser to http://localhost:5678 (or 8080 can’t remember the port) while the desktop app is open and use it that way if you wanted to as well.

1 - I am not currently seeing the same workflows in the web dashboard as I see in my desktop app. I don’t recall ever linking the two, now that I think about it. Am I supposed to put the credentials for my web login into the n8n-desktop.env file?

These workflows are not showing in the desktop app, and vice versa.

2 - I see that I can paste code from that I copied from other user’s workflows into the desktop app to create a node or nodes. Is there a way to go backwards from there? Can I edit a node’s code directly?

Thanks for your suggestion. It looks like http://localhost:5679 works (as defined in n8n-desktop.env).

Those workflows are workflows shares with the community rather than workflows that are actually running, the 2 are not linked and I am not sure if there are plans to ever link them but I can see why it may cause confusion.

To view the code for your workflow it the same as the docker version / cloud / npm install you go to the icon on the top left for open the menu and select download / export (can’t remember the wording).