Difference bewteen test and prod webhook behavior

I have a strange issue. I have a simple setup, data comes via a webhook, go to the set module and then onto Airtable. This is a self hosted instance, so something may be wrong at the Firewall or the environment variables, however read on

It works perfectly if I use postman and works for both the test and Prod URL, but when I sent it data from the actual production - airtable creas empty rows (it only records the ‘record create time’ field. Everything else is blank. In the execution logs, I can see that the set node (2) received everything, but somehow the mapping did not work

I would appreciate any insignts

Looks like in postman you’re sending an array [] whereas prod is sending you an object {}. Try removing the [0] from all your expressions.

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Wow… it took me some time to understand what you are saying because I had copied the data from production into postman so how can they be different but then I realized I had added a set of square brackets [ ]… out of habit? I guess? :slight_smile:

This fixed it… Thank you… Thank you!! :pray:


Excuse the brevity, I wrote that on my phone. Definitely could’ve been clearer, but you worked it out in the end! :grin:

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