Difference btw Paid Self Hosted and Free Self Hosted


I try to understand If I can do what I do with self-hosted n8n,

What is the difference between paid and free self-hosted n8n?

For self hosted only the enterprise license is available at the moment. See below site for the features as well.

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But they are a community version for free self-hosted, it is not right?

Hey @onurbolaca,

You got it, So the self hosted version is always the community version unless you buy a license which will unlock the extra features listed on the pricing page.

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Thanks guys!

@Jon ,

I checked the licenced version, it looks like it doesn’t effect core features.

I’d like to do an automation with some api calls and nodes like set, code, wait, if etc and be able to see their executions. I think this can be still used on the self hosted community version right?

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Hey @onurbolaca,

The community version does not restrict any nodes it is more around management features.


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