Discord webhook, "interactions_endpoint_url: The specified interactions endpoint url could not be verified"

Hi, I am super new to this, i am trying to follow the guides on how to make a /slash command as a discord bot to send something to a web hook, i seem to have things sort of working, but when i try to recieve from discord to the web hook, by placing the webhook into discord/developer, the worklfow executes but i get “interactions_endpoint_url: The specified interactions endpoint url could not be verified.” as a red pop up in discord bot area… i must be missing something obvious… anyone point me into a more uptodate knowledges source?

Hey @paul_bratcher,

Which guide are you following?

I worked Backwards from a couple of sample workflows and a YouTube video. Which are a couple of years old. I think the issue is it needs an x-signature response which as there is not the module (to my knowledge) installed on the code or crypto node you can’t generate a validated response. (The old workflows don’t work either i figure)

The only way around it probably is to run a hosted cloud version and install an npm or python package that can do the validation.

Kind of stuck. Is there any hope this is improved in vs1?

Hey @paul_bratcher,

It will be the same in v1, I just noticed you have 2 topics open for what is pretty much the same thing. I will jump over to the other one now.

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