Disk space keeps going up

Problem: The server disk space keeps going up.

I have set up N8N in a server that has around 30 gb disk space.
N8N is the only app that I have installed on this server.
In the beginning, the used space was around 35%.
It keeps going up.
Now it’s at 44%.

I am not so good with Linux, so I am not able to see what contributes to this space usage.
Since N8N is the only one that I’ve installed, I am assuming that it’s N8N.

I don’t use N8N for any file-related operation.
So I’m wondering how the disk space can go up.

I deleted the complete execution data, but the issue still exists.

I’d appreciate any help.

More info:
I’m running the latest N8N version.
It’s running on a docker container.
OS: Ubuntu 20

Hey @Bala,

Which database are you using? I would expect the space to keep going up if you are using SQLite and don’t have the vacuum option set which frees up the space on instance restart. Docker is also not so good at cleaning up so sometimes a quick docker system prune is needed if you don’t remove unused images when updating.

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Thanks, Jon, for the ideas.

I tried the docker prune command. It has reclaimed 1 GB of space.

I see a lot of space is used here. Any idea how to reclaim this?

df - H gave me this:
overlay 21G 9.3G 9.9G 49% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/28fb308e84e5361bf9256e4da2e0c979958ff73999ed9215b4cb5f4b1233fb4c/merged
overlay 21G 9.3G 9.9G 49% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/ca2a6a5106fe4da5ced5e17da9cba164dffa9240001a923886ad19d579501215/merged

21G (total). 9.3G (used) 9.9G (available)

Hey @Bala,

I am not sure what those files are, Are they your volumes or something else?

I guess those are probably the files from the Docker volume.

Generally, if you want that the disk space does not increase, you have to make sure that executions do get deleted regularly and that then vacuum runs, only then will SQLite actually free up the space.

There are already multiple issues around that topic. One is for example the following one:


Hello, where do you add the commands?

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pls disregard the question, was able to find the page.

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