DNS issues

Hello all,

We have been experiencing some dns issues on n8n.


The postgres block is timing out because is pointing to an old ip address. We have set up the correct domain in the settings, but somehow n8n is resolving to an old ip address. Running dig inside the container resolves to the correct (new) ip address.

Running the workflows manually does not fail. Apparently it’s failing only when running from cron triggers.

I restarted the container (k8s) and I will be monitoring. I’ll let you know if restarting the container stops the errors.

PS.: One more thing. We recently updated the credentials in n8n from one domain to another. Probably it’s not updating the domain correctly?

Thanks and hope this is helpful.

If the workflow is already active (using a Trigger node other than Webhook) and you then change credentials it is using, it will probably still use the old one. Because it reads the credentials only once when it gets activated.
So in this case either have to restart n8n or deactivate and reactivate the workflow.

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Good to know. Thanks @jan

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